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The Edelman 2020 barometer in 28 countries highlights a sense of mistrust of capitalism and concern about income inequality.

The wind is spinning. According to: Edelman's annual barometerBy 2020, most employees believe it capitalism "does more harm that good » HuffPost: this Tuesday.

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In detail, 59% of workers in the age group of 35 to 54 share this view of capitalism. This opinion poll, conducted in 28 countries with 34,000 employees aged 25 to 64 and receiving higher education in October-November 2019, highlights the opposite trend of other years.

Reverse trend

Explains Edelman CEO Richard Edelman that in that 20-year barometer, "people have always had greater confidence in growth. This time, it is income inequality concerned developed countries. ”

74% of respondents feel a sense of injustice towards capitalism, and 73% hope for change.

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that: afraid of losing his job 83% of employees are also concerned about fear, in particular possible downtime, job insecurity or even automation or immigration.

Another mistrust. Media:For 57% of respondents, the media headline they follow is likely to spread false information.

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