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BMG, the fourth largest music holder in the world, grew by 10.1% in 2019 to € 600 million ($ 674 million).

According to a new annual report from Bertelsmann, a German-based parent of the company, which further reveals that BMG's current EBITDA (Earnings Up to Percentage, Tax, Amortization and Amortization) is € 138 million ($ 155 million) per year.

Current EBITDA increased by 13.1% against EUR 122 million last year and represents a 23.0% profit margin (up 22.5% in 2018).

It is noteworthy that BMG euro level earnings in 2019 (EUR 600 million) increased by 61.7% compared to 2015, with an annualized index.

Last year, nearly half of BMG's annual revenue ($ 300 million / $ 337 million) came from the United States, and the UK was its second most profitable area ($ 99 million / $ 111 million).

€ 46 million ($ 52 million) was generated in Germany, subsequently € 34 million ($ 38 million) in France and € 65 million ($ 73 million) in other European (non-UK) European territories.

BMG generated € 53 million ($ 60 million) in 2019 outside the US, UK and Europe.

The company had an average of 883 global employees in 2019 and 904 at the end of the year.

BMG has invested € 80 million ($ 90 million) in 2019 in investing in 2019, including obviously acquiring rights for € 107 million in 2018.

"In the recording business, BMG has surpassed market growth in key areas such as the United Kingdom, where album sales have fallen by almost 12%, and the United States, where its music streaming business has grown by 62%, almost three times. as much as the whole industry. "

Bertelsmann's report

BMG's total revenue share attributable to digital formats (throughout editions and records) has grown 56% in 2019, to 52% in 2018.

Bertelsmann's annual report, released today (March 24), notes BMG's expansion in Asia – with the opening of a new headquarters in Hong Kong – as of operational importance in 2019, in addition to other expansion in Latin America and Canada.

It adds: "In the record business, BMG has surpassed market growth in key areas, such as the United Kingdom, where album sales have fallen by almost 12%, and the United States, where its music streaming business has grown by 62%. : almost three times more than the whole industry. "

Music releases successfully recorded for BMG in 2019, Bertelsmann says, include artists such as ason Jason Aldan, Blanco Brown, Keith Richards, Dido, The Cranberry, Andy Grammer, AJR and Lil Dicky.

BMG has also entered into new record contracts with The Shires, Natalie Imbruglia, Rufus Wainwright, KSI, Huey Lewis & The News, Seeed and Richard Marx, among others.

Country star Jason Olde has renewed his contract, which will be presented worldwide by BMG during that time.

Last year's first albums for the BMG Recorded Music Division included songs by Kyle Minogue, Jack Ye Savaretti and Contra K.

Bertelsmann's report goes on: "In the publishing business, BMG pays particular attention to artists such as AC / DC, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. In the current year, they have made significant investments in revenue. "

Last year's first albums for BMG Publishing included songs from Bring Me The Horizon, Juice WRLD, 21 Savage and Johannes Oerding, and singer-songwriter Lewis Kapaldi not only won the No.1 album, but also The No.1 album by Grammy. single (Someone you love)

The most prominent characters for BMG Publishing were Neil Jean from Crowded House, Cage The Elephant, KSI, LOCASH and AnnenMayKantereit.

Mick Agger and Keith Richards renewed and expanded their contracts with BMG. From now on, Kontra K will also publish BMG on the publishing side, says Bertelsmann, outside of its existing record deal.Music business worldwide

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