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Richard Mark is the person you can remember if you were a teenager or older in the 80s, but there are some of his songs that you can remember now because they were used in popular media here and there. He was hit by Lionel Rich when he was much younger, and his efforts did much to help him establish a career. At first she was copying for many other singers, but eventually she continued to make her own mark as a solo artist. She has been awarded several songs for writing, which have also made her into film and television. As one of the many artists who has managed to tap into some of the power over the years, he was founded as one who has a very steady force in terms of his popularity. To be honest, at the moment, most people probably only remember a few songs where dedicated fans can remember a lot more.

Here are some songs that have turned it into television and cinema.

5. No way out – Say it [/ embed]

When Farrell attracts the wrong woman, he falls in love, but at the same time his head passes because his uncle is behind him. When his superior kills him like a jealous, however, he is instructed to find his killer when his superior and his second command try to cover up the whole thing. The irony of all this is that in order to make up the story that the KGB silencer invaded the Pentagon, the story actually comes down to Farrell being a KGB mole at the end of the film. This is a strange, bent story that suckles a person and does not let him go to the end.

4. Anastasia – At first [/ embed]

Anastasia is a timeless tale that, when told in animated form, is far more cunning and less threatening than it could have been otherwise. But it also amuses the viewer as the story goes of how young Anastasia broke away from her family and grew up in an orphanage while suffering from amnesia. Dmitri and Vladimir's efforts to bring Anastasia back to her family are at first part of a big lie to make money, but once they realize that they have a genuine, honest, kind person in their company, it becomes more of a matter of honor because that Dmitri actually denies the remuneration that is being paid.

3. The Fire of St. Elmo. If I deviate from you [/ embed]

Many have an idea of ​​what life will be like when they drop out of college and are well on their way to the life they want to lead, but others are never so sure as there is no history of what will happen. : they have finally left school and are forced to continue their lives. In this movie, the group seems to have at least an idea, but the fact is that nothing really spares you the way you want it to, regardless of whether one is planning it all and carrying out all the actions that they want to take on that very letter. Life is the life to say the truth, it will happen that someone wants them.

2. Purpose: Love is alive [/ embed]

If you can remember Goonies, you had a good childhood, at least in part. This movie was one of the cornerstones of our childhood because it was one of those films that allowed us to think that anything was possible and that adventure was never so far away as you had the right friends. In addition, the idea of ​​going after a long-lost pirate treasure and seeking to unravel the hidden mystery that many people tried and failed to bring to light was something that many children then wanted to accomplish. As of the day, this was one of the movies you should still watch when you're a kid.

1. American Idol. I'll be right here, waiting for you [/ embed]construction:

Of all his songs, this is one that Marx knows best and is one of the most popular because it has been used in many different ways, including by advertising agencies. American Idol has been fortunate for many singers over the years because of the wealth of individuals who have tried and actually made the show to bring out great songs that they haven't heard in a long time. .

Back in the '80s, he was one of the many who was well-known for his music, though he is still very popular, but in a more nostalgic way.

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