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Tribune. Minister of Culture Frank Richter on Wednesday, January 22 finally the famous Racine report appearedemphasizing the injustice of the situation of artists in all areas, the poor parents of the book economy.

In our sector, more than 50% of professional authors are below the minimum wage, and more than 30% below the poverty line.

The doubt really didn't exist, but now it's factual. We, the authors of comics, are victims of the economic miracle of publishing. We are the exact variable on which the publishing world is cutting a little more each year to increase its profit margins. Our profession suffers every day. Four years have elapsed between the publication of Comic Strip States' study of its catastrophic findings and the publication of this report by Racine.

We will not wait four more years for things to change.

This report provided by Mr. Bruno Rachin's team fulfills the purpose that you have entrusted to it: "Allow existing public policy to be adapted to the benefit of artists, authors, and creators by proposing new directions for public action." You have seen more than necessary actions. 140 pages, 23 basic suggestions and nothing extra. We know our situation, this report is a summary of what needs to be changed. Not to "favor" or to honor us, but to finally restore economic equilibrium, which will be somewhat equal to our partners, publishers, and broadcasters. So that we can better protect ourselves collectively, as every worker in France has a right. So that we can just live a decent life and keep on creating.

Minister, our struggle is yours

Your opening remarks at the BD2020 press conference on December 18 were: “The ninth art has become a real French cultural passion. Comic Strip has won the hearts of French people thanks to its creators. ” It is a fact whether the French, caricature specialists or not, are already convinced. What about politics? The Racine mission invites you to defend us against another force with which we stand for a long time, rarely a success. We will have to comprehend the powerful National Publishing Association (SNE), whose first representative, President Vincent Montagne, reminded in his public wishes on January 9 that he is not ready to give what is either guilty or compulsory. to do so on the pretext of risk by the government "Poverty of creativity at the expense of the reader". However, at public meetings, we know the latter alongside the creators.

An inappropriate moral lesson.

As for the cultural industry, which reported 2018, according to the GFK Institute, the annual turnover is estimated at around € 500 million, based largely on the commercial exploitation of our work, which deliberately leaves more than a third of its professional authors in poverty. below the level.

Most of us perceive only 8% of the commercial exploitation of its creation, ie less than 1 euro per book sold on average, which is often shared among co-authors. Better distribution of book revenue should avoid us taking auxiliary actions. Particular effort will also have to conceal the administrative imbroglio with which we are currently confronted: Pension in the process of transition to our pension scheme, error of transferring our data to Urssaf, loss of annuities without following any compensation … How not to feel dishonest?

Authors' suffering system

At the end of January, we expect you and the government to join the action in writing and return to our profession the status it deserves. You have already made it known in the press, Minister, that you will speak within two weeks of the International Festival of Comedies (FIBD) to present the measures you will take from this Racine report, the plan of action and its timetable, as set out in Appendix 5, page 86. Inevitable expectations. Mr. Minister, maintaining this schedule will be essential, as well as listening closely to your representative organizations. By remaining the current status quo, you would have contributed to the slow but inevitable disappearance of the cultural character of France. In the 80's you Jack Lang gave a serious impetus to the book in France. There is a new opportunity to act in creation, can you use it? We will be alert. There is already an unprecedented move by the Federation to make our voices heard during all the major events associated with this celebration, while we do not see enough improvement this year. To BD. " If, on his birthday, the Racine report turns out to be as badly exploited as the one preceding Lungertetti's report, a boycott of major cultural events is already under way. a large number of authors, starting with FIBD 2021, followed by Livre Paris. We will no longer make concessions. No authors, no authors, no comics.


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Christophe QUET, Laurent QUEYSSI, Bastien QUIGNON, Isabelle RABAROT, Pascal RABALT, Pascal RABAT, RAMADIER, Maël RANNOU, David RAPHET, Cedric RASSAT RA, R'ALET RACHE, Jean's R'AFF, R'AIS RACHE, R'AFF, RASSET R'ALET, R'ALET, R'ALET, R'ALET, R ' ALET, R'ALET, R'ALET, R'ALET, R'ALET, R'AN, R AN Christophe REGNAULT, Benjamin REISS, RELOM, REMEDIUM, RENARD, Anne RENAUD, Benjamin RENNER, RENO, RENZ, lvain REPOS, Romuald REUTIMANN, Emmanuel REUZE, Sandrine REVELU, Julien REVENU, Marie-ROUNE SylvER RICHARD, RIDEL, Delphine RIEU, RIFF REB & # 39; S, Quentin RIGAUD, Eugène RIOUSSE, Terkel RISJBERG, Alexandre RISTORCELLI, Benjamin RIVIÈRE, Clément RIZZO, ROUZTI, Frances Erry ROBIN, Fabien ROCHE, Julie ROCHE, Julie ROCHEL, Julie ROCHEL, RICHEL ROCHEL , Théa ROJZMAN, Pauline ROLAND, Lucien ROLLIN, Catherine ROMAT, Sylvain-Moizie RONDET, Romain RONZEAAAAAA, Christian ROSTEE RUI ROOTE Jean-Jacques RUGER, Tristan ROLOT, Anne ROUSTEU, Marie-Ange ROSEL, Marie-Ange ROSEL, Marie-Ange Rosell Simon RUSSIAN, 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STENT, STI, Ludivine STOCK, Erwann SURCY (SALCY) TA (TaDuc), Stéphane TAMAILLON, Morgann TANCO, TANITOC, Herve TANQUERELLE, TARMASZ, Fabrice TARRIN, Bruno TATTI, Fred TEBO, Samuel TELLER, Jacques TERPER, Jacques TERPER, Jacques TERPER, Jacques TERPER , THve THARLET, Lucile THIBAUDIER, Anne Claire THIBAUT-JOUVRAY, Jean-Christophe THIBERT, Adrien THIOT-RADER, Philippe THIRAULT, Jean-Michel THIRIET, Olivier THOMAS, THORN, Zoé THOERON, THOERON Tom TOIRAU, Tom TOIRAU, Tom TOIRAU , Ronan TOULHOAT, Fabien TOULMÉ, Pierre TRANCHAND DIT PICA, Stéphane TRAPIER, Carole TRÉBOR, Séverine TRÉFOUWL, Cyril TRICHET, Jean-Louis TRUPER TROUILLARD, Marine TUMELAIRE, TURF, Sophie-Li ULIANA, Tom Valliet, ULLCER, ULLCER, , VAMILLE, Chantal VAN DEN HEUVEL, Emilio VAN DER ZUIDEN, Mathilde VAN GHELTEEE, VEL GELEL, VASSAF, Sébastien VASSANT, Sébastien VASTRA, Olivier VATINE, Fanny VAUCHER, Marc VÉDRINES, Fabien VERHANEL, VEHRANEL VEHRELEN, Loïc VERDIER, Sebastien VERDIER, Jean-Christene VERERER, Jean-Christen 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