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Yesterday you would see Choules evacuating Malacuta.

We have Adelaide-based Eden, and it is going to, if it has not yet begun, deploy elements to go and help the country.

With regard to aircraft you would like to point out that we have had an increase in aircraft. The Singaporeans have kindly provided two Chinooks who should be servants or employees, say, from tomorrow.

The New Zealand Defense Forces provided helicopters for support as well as fixed support, and we also landed additional helicopters from Townsville to have a significant and positive impact.

In terms of our troops, they are the ones you will see on the ground, we are moving more and more into isolated communities to make sure we have shoes on the ground to understand what the communities need to be able to do or to make sure we are reporting appropriately. about the elements, or we really support ourselves, and I think that in the coming days it will pay dividends.

I have directed that we will have two elements capable of conducting mobile air operations from NSW, as well as Victoria, to make sure they can run a short time to provide multi-disciplinary teams that can provide support or assessments, and then provide that support as required.

Everyone is going hard. You would see that in terms of reserves, the numbers have increased substantially. We have doubled our number, of course, to more than a thousand.

I have to say that yesterday in Eden and Meribula and being here today, you can't help but be impressed by our emergency management services, volunteers and, of course, our ARF treats us with pride as always.

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