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Six years after the hit theaters of original film, Frozen 2: is being shown in theaters this week. There was not the same case surrounding the new Star Wars. There has been no photographic leak from the series, as we see when the new Marvel movie is in production. Make a mistake, though, this may be one of the most anticipated sequels we've seen in this decade, and the good news is the second Frozen doesn't disappoint.

The strength of the second film is that it recognizes the little girls standing on their sofas and pretending to build icy castles or start singing "Let It Go" in 2013. six years older. Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff and even the magical singer Snowman deal with greater fears and emotions. Watching this movie with my 10-year-old daughter, I was very aware that if this were the movie that came out when she was four years old, then this DVD would probably not be played on a knot in our house when he had gone home to school the previous day.

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Six years later, things in Arendal are relatively peaceful. Queen Elsa has a grip on her powers, but she continues to hear a strange pirate song. He tries to resist the urge to follow it, but eventually complains. From that moment on in the kingdom, things start to get weird, and the citizens are forced to evacuate the mountains, while Elsa, Anna, Christoff, his deer, Sven, and Olaf go to the magical woods to investigate.

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We learn through flashbacks that the girl's father had almost lost a child in Woods. Since then, the moods of controlling the forests have made it impossible for people to ever come back in or out.

Speaking of these flashbacks, eagle-eyed Disney fans should look for Dumbo and Big Hero 6's Baymax earnings. And speaking of the details (or in this case the ear), as a former rock radio DJ, I couldn't help but appreciate that the sareen song is "ahh aaaahhhhh ahh" coming from a land of ice and snow. Google it, kids.

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Frozen 2 is much more musical than the original. I just don't mean there are more songs in the next series as a plot. It also relies on some familiar rhythms of the music script and checks the boxes of songs that are supposed to. This is not a bad thing, as there is still much room for invention and originality.

This is it the soundtrack has more hangers than the original. There are three songs that will be the show-in-a-prize for the Best Original Song Academy Award, all of which didn't compete against each other during one year. In this film, Elsa has two "Let It Go" songs. "Into the Unknown" is an adventure song. "Show Yourself," is the inspirational number that will almost certainly be accepted as an LGBTQ hymn within a year. The two tracks are absolutely brilliant and common ear worms.

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In terms of songwriting, the real status belongs to Christine Bell, like Princess Anna. The Next Right is beautiful and heartfelt. And here, I'm a fan of The Good Place, which paints Bell as a transformed trash bin in Arizona, just trying to do the right thing to save himself and save humanity from the judgments and whims that control future life. It's not hard to hear the voice of Christine Bell singing this song and I think it would be just as perfect for Eleanor Shellstrop to sing to her boyfriend Chidi who can't hear her as it is for Anna to sing it for his sister, Elsa, who is not. there to understand how and why she lost Anna.

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Now, the song of the real race is Christopher's "Lost in the Woods". This is a work that shows composers Robert Lopez and Christine Andersen-Lopez who are just working on another level than the rest of Disney's songwriters. The song itself and the animation sequence accompanying it are the perfect rendition of the anthem of the soft bombshell of Richard Marx in the 80's and early 90's. When you hear it and see it for the first time, keep the "Glory of Love" behind your mind. It has more in common with Lost in the Woods than any Disney musical.

To review Frozen II would be a crime and not to mention how beautiful this film is. The landscapes and wardrobes are beautifully detailed. The color choices are perfectly complimentary, and are probably more likely to set the mood for each scene.

After all, the Disney movie is not a Disney movie without adorable surroundings, and Snowman Olaf may be the most adorable sleighman the company has ever created. He has all the frustration and embrace of Tumper with the reckless innocence of Pumbai and the clever allegory of Gen Eeni. He's a really fun character, and most of that is just Gad. It may be the most wonderful sound casting Disney has done since Wood James Woods was elected Hades in 1997 at Hercules.

The compositions of Gad and Robert Lopez and Christine Andersen-Lopez have been extinguished in the past, and it is reasonable to assume that hiring one has led to the renting of others for Frozen privilege. Olaf is so perceived with the sensitivity and sincerity of Arnold Cunningham's Book of Mormon (Broadway's role earning Tonys for Gad and Lopezes) that it is impossible to see anyone because of that adorable little Snowman.

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It would be so easy for Disney to get Frozen II wrong. I do not think that the company lasted six years to continue the movie, but it is clear that the past time has been viewed and influenced by the script.

Boxing movies have been around for about a year for animation. Like the beloved franchisee Lego Movie and "How To Train Your Dragon," saw the latest posts at the beginning of the year. That means it's not just Disney, but all of Hollywood's hopes on Frozen II by 2019. In terms of entertainment, this film is absolutely deliverable. Whether that changes ticket sales remains to be seen, but who are we kidding? This is going to turn into a billion dollars by the end of the month.

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Demetrius Ravanos of N.C. He is a member of the Association of Film Critics and has studied films for Raleigh and Company, and Alan Kabel.

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