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For example, in thirty-four places out of seven.

Monique Cognet Workshop, Gambetta Boulevard:

Monique Cognet welcomes its workshop in Gambetta where it showcases its latest work. Colors emerge and rotate on canvas, where brilliance and atmosphere intertwine, reliefs and holes are a game of contrasts and opposition that enchant the gaze and lead to a dream world, heavenly or galactic, in each sense.

Estel Rebotaro, Jewish Street

In her charming home, where the Laurent Terry, St. Caster Bronze is located, Estel Rebotaro has linked her studies and animal paintings, rabbits, deer, deer, and Solon meadows where this passionate autobiographer has always inspired her, a real-life attitude wrapped in warm, intolerable colors. His watercolor palette also carried small passers-by, those who hear less and less in our gardens … Sing 2 rue des Juifs.

New Moon Works, Rue Mirebeau:

In his shop at Rue Mirebeau, La Pineau exemplifies the works and worlds of Jean Prote and Evelyn Hugot and dedicates her decor to a beautiful meeting … The artist's canvas reproduces textile designers' hats of colors and materials, harmony and harmony. Blues and bouquets of bouquets break down on pastel / acrylic paintings, while imagination happily bursts into velvet, wool and linen scarves.

The amand & # 39; art, rue Bourbonnoux:

At the Rue Bourbonnoux, on the showcase and boutique side, Amand & # 39; s art workshop brings together the works and styles of six painters – Laur Lucas Animal Ceramics and Estel Rebotarroe. Richard Kanch's rat buggy, Jonathan Chaylu's metal sculptures, and Philip Baron's canvases, including two monumental scenes of the temple and the Kuchas Square. Hosts with the nickname pseudonym Jean-Claude Baron showcases his talent and pencil stroke on watercolor paper.

Art says that in Crous, rue des Poulies

At Crous, Charlotte Rodon and Sylvie Pellicer form a nature duo that inspires roots, literally and figuratively. First looks at the root of the plant, working the line to feel and anchor at once through ink, oil, bomb, acrylic. … The second represents "Rooted Nomads", the little curiosity under the bell, the poetic universe, made up of plant elements.

Ephemera Burgess, 66 Biz, Rieu Mirbau

Behind the windows of Ephemeral Bourges Street Mirebeau, he will be there until Jan. 4, with potter Aline Contencin enthusiastically mixing jewelry and decor. In an immaculate environment, more artworks are created, such as statues called charities, or small drawings with floral or landscape footprints.

Lighthouse Gallery on Henry-Ducrot Street

On the white walls of the Lighthouse Gallery are particularly marked copies of his Indian love dictionary as well as his book "Dessins d & # 39; Occasions", where he outlines many celebrities. It is possible to (re) discover this talented artist, "who perfectly translates the essence, individual, scene or landscape of his work, often reminiscent of drawings," says gallery director Genevieve Collas.

The Fabrique, 13 rue Bourbonnoux:

At Fabrique, seven permanent artists played unpublished pieces that embellished a beautiful artistic harmony. Silvie Muchuk decorated the bridge armchair with art deco style. Prime Minister and sculptor Claire Salin has chosen, among other things, a piece of roundtable where the curtains and knots of the wood are repainted with the indecision of gold. The pleasure of the eyes continues with Valerie Wilde's glass jewelry. Elise Poivet's Ceramics; knives by Eric Roult; linen by Fred Langut and prolific creations by Crystal Courtaddon

34 venues of the Exhibition

1. 4Ampère. 4, rue Ampère:
2. Thousands of universes. 32 buses, La Chapelle Road.
3. 5 business seminars. 5 Bis, Row Voltaire.
4. Art says: Crous, rue des Poulies:
5. Workshop 53. 53, rue d & # 39; Auron:
6. Many different seminars. 5, Marx-Dormo Avenue.
7. Monique Cognet Workshop. 4, Boulevard Gambetta.
8. Patrick and Christina Veto. 14, Jeanne-d & # 39; Arc Street.
9. Craftsman. 44, rue Mirebeau.
10. In the province of David. 119, rue d & # 39; Auron:
11. With Dominic Diber. 6, the gallery.
12. For Estelle Rebotaro. 2, rue des Juifs.
13. Village flowers. 71, rue Barbès.
14. Gallery 39. 39, rue Gambon:
15. With Isabel Kellingant. 9, Install Saint-Bonnet.
16. Factory – 3 flutes. 13 Bourbon Street.
17. Lighthouse Gallery. 6, rue Henri-Ducrot:
18. The Amand & # 39; art. 33, rue Bourbonnoux:
19. Godina. 5, rue Calvin.
20. Pot aux roses. 12, rue de la Grosse-Armée:
21. Cavern. 61, Woodward-Vilant Street.
22. Toxin. 36, rue oudouard-Vaillant:
23. Bourgeois Ephemera. 66 bis, rue Mirebeau.
24. Mick Texier Workshop, 55, rue oudouard-Vaillant:
25. Works of the New Moon, 84, rue Mirebeau:
26. Pita Space, 15, rue oudouard-Branly:
27. Gallery of Angle Poles, 8c, Enclosures of Jacobins.
28. Praline and Panda, 23 and 25, rue Mirebeau:
29. Pallet truck. 26, La Chapelle Road:
30. Blue mother. 14, rue Voltaire.
31. Bandits-wizards. 24-26, Road to La Chapelle.
32. Gallery. 15, rue Littré.
33. Corner Eye. 33, rue Gambon:
34. Four Columns Library. Square of four columns.

Free. Days and opening hours are posted on the Facebook page from time to time Bourgeois artistic meetings,

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