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Rona Vincent

Rhonda Vincent was born on July 13, 1962 in Kirksville, Missouri. Vincent grew up on the Blue Grass, who first appeared on stage with his family band, the Sally Mountain Show, when he was barely five years old. He started studying mandolin at the age of eight, which also released his first single, "Mule Skinner Blues", which Vincent is still performing.

Learning the harmony of layout and stage presence while playing with the Sally Mountain Show during his childhood, Vincent turned into a magnificent musician (mandolin, riddle, guitar, and everything else) and a remarkable leading singer who was able to investigating ballads.

His first Bluegrass solos led to Nashville's recording contract, and the experience of his two commercial countries' efforts to teach him his basic lessons about the interior industry of music.

Rhonda Vincent – Home again

Vincent triumphantly returns to bluegrass in Round 2000 with his debut Home again. That same year, the Bluegrass community welcomed her in the nomination for "Female Vocalist of the Year" at the Bluegrass International Music Association (I.B.M.A.) Awards, the first of six unprecedented wins in that category.
He received the coveted Free Gift of the Year award from I.B.M.A. next year with the release of his second Rounder album The storm is still raging.

One step ahead followed in 2003 and included: "You Can't Take It With You When You Go", a clip from the CMT five.

Rhonda Vincent – Ragin & # 39; Live:

At the same time, Vincent was improving his Rage support team. As the band progressed to include guitarist and mandolinist Jash Williams, Fidler Hunter Berry, bassist Mickey Harris and bass player Kenny Ingram, Ronda felt the time was right to record the excitement of their live concerts on CD and DVD. Ragin & # 39; Live: released in 2005 and featured a pre-selection of instrumental and vocal favorites, as well as previously uncoordinated songs that found Vincent working on a smaller string, in a more intimate evocative style.

Ragin & # 39; Live: nominated for the 2005 Best Bluegrass Album Grammy Award.

Rhonda Vincent – All American Bluegrass Girl

It was his next album All American Bluegrass Girl (2006) «I deliberately wanted to make sure this album had a more classic sound," he said "as we stayed a little bit of that style in Ragin & # 39; Live. But I always hope that everything will be in good balance – from the blue of your face to the soft sounds of earth. I've approached this album the way I do our live performances and try to have something for everyone»

Good Thing Going was released in 2008. Twelve tracks included five originals or co-authors with tracks of modern and classic covers.

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In 2010, Vincent released Rounder Records and released Taken on his own label, "Top Management Music." Taken included special guests such as longtime friend Dolly Parton, Richard Marx and Little Roy Lewis.

In 2011, Vincent and prominent country artist e Watson released a duet album titled "Your Money and My Good Looks".

Sunday Mornin "Singin", an album of classical gospel classics, was released in 2012.


New Dreams And Sunshine (Rebel Records, 1988)
A dream come true (Rebel Records, 1990)
Bound For Gloryland (Rebel Records, 1991)
Untold and True Love (Rebel Records, 1991)
Written in the Stars (Giant Records, 1993)
Free Problems (Giant Records, 1996)
Home again (Rounder Records, 2000)
The storm is still raging (Rounder Records, 2001)
One step ahead (Rounder Records, 2003)
All American Bluegrass Girl (Rounder Records, 2006)
Beautiful star. Christmas Collection (Roundup, 2006)
Good thing (Rounder Records, 2008)
Purpose of life: (Round Records, 2009)
Excerpted (Top Management Music, 2010)
Your Money and My Good Look with Gene Watson (Top Management Music, 2011)
Sunday Mornin & # 39; Singin & # 39; Live! (Top Management Music, 2012)
Only me (Top Management Music, 2014)
Christmas Time (Top Management Music, 2015)
American LibraryBy Daryle Singletary (Top Management Music, 2017)

Author::::: Angel Romero

Angel Romero y Ruiz has been writing about world music for many years. He founded and Angel co-produced several television specials with Metropolis (TVE) and Musica NA, a Spanish TV show "Televisión Española" (TVE) that featured an eclectic mix of world music, alloys, electronics, a new era and modern classical music: Angel has also produced and updated world music albums, compilations and boxing sets for Alula Records, Ellipsis Arts, World Music.


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