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  • President Emmanuel Macron has been fighting yellow ribbons for a year now. Leaving the field, he will often deceive himself into communication.

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  • On December 8, 2018, Liberia released a portrait of Emmanuel Macron in yellow.

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  • ACT IV, the December 8 "West Yellow" group call was on Facebook. The protesters want to go and get Macron to Elysee. The President goes to the House, fearing for his safety.

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In October 2018, Jaqueline Mouraud announces that a new fuel tax will come into force. He feels at ease with all these obligations and wants to joke. He decides to shoot a video and post it on his social networks. Face camera, she expresses her tiredness. He has the impression of paying more and more, while the French government is in favor of prosperity.

His capsule selfie and posted on his Facebook page has more than five million views. Two weeks later, Jacqueline finds herself in a violent position in front of the stage. He becomes the speaker of this middle class who is under pressure.

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On the Elysee side, the video is quickly spotted, Benjamin Grivacu, the then French government spokesman, explains: "From the moment the video gets 100,000 views in 24 hours, you quickly realize it's viral.

Emmanuel Macron's Liaison Teams are deciding on an amazing response strategy. There is no doubt that the president responds live. On November 4, 2018, Emmanuel Wargon, the new Secretary of State for Ecological Transition, remains committed to it. In politics, this newcomer respects the codes that Jacqueline set for face camera and selfie mode.

"I am visiting my son who is studying in London, I am in the dorm room with my smartphone. Under these conditions I made two shots, which were not ideal at all. It's quite spontaneous and not prepared at all. I'm with my family that I'm just trying to answer, ”says Emmanuel Vargon.

Public opinion finds his statements unsatisfactory. Missed effect. Worst of all, this video provokes outrage against the head of state and confirms his image of King Macron.

On November 6, 2018, the President participates in the commemoration of the end of World War I in Verdun. On this occasion, he is pursuing alpinism: retired William Martal, 66. He warns Emmanuel Macron in front of a audience of journalists: "You feel this anxiety rising." Dissatisfied copy of Macron. "Fuel tax, it's not a commotion," he smiles.

The macron has never been selected. It doesn't have the filters that bring reality to the field. His communications team loses ground. Yellow jackets, they are effective on social networks. They are rapidly mobilizing thousands of people. Facebook groups are abundant without any structure, but with a motive. "We are fed." And they start the showcase, paralyzing the main roads. The first clashes take place on November 17.

Meanwhile in Élysée we are preparing for Emmanuel Macron's next trip to Argentina. He is due to meet with his partner Mauricio Macri before the G20 launch.

On November 27, 2018 in Paris, Macron speaks about the ecological transition. He has several versions of speeches on his property, including those for protesters. "Until we find a solution, I will not accept the increase in gasoline."

This hypothesis calls for compromise. He could relieve spirits, but at the last minute he prefers these terms: "I want to say that I do not confuse these unacceptable actions with the manifestation on which they are vaccinated. I do not confuse tempters with fellow citizens who want to spread the message. I feel compassion for these fellow citizens, but I will not surrender to the destroyers and those who want disorder, as the republic is both a public order and a free expression of opinion. farm. A new mistake on the part of the president, who stands as a warrior in front of his angry people.

On November 29, 2018, to make matters worse, the President becomes a victim of diplomatic landing as he lands his plane in Argentina. No official delegation is present. In front of the press commenting on his arrival, Macron shakes hands with an airport employee who is wearing them at the time … yellow jacket.

The image goes around the world and mocks the president. Social networks are ironic. The Macron Liaison Team is not responding to what should have been a real alert.

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On Saturday, December 1, 2018, the 3rd Law on Yellow Jackets comes as a tragedy. Since 11 in the morning the rebellion has been spoiled. Yellow ribbons clash with police. It's violent. The capital of France is fire and blood. Social networks are privileged witnesses of battle. The recording is heavy. There are 239 fires, 412 arrests and 153 injuries. Arc de Triomphe is attacked and persecuted.

While the eyes of the world are focused on Paris, Macron is incredibly relaxed on the other side of the planet. Absolutely arrogant attitude.

Macron speaks to the press, he is careful to prioritize the topics he deals with. First, the climate, then the trade, the condolences he presents to the United States for the loss of the late President Bush, who has just died, and only then comes to yellow ribbons. He does not address his country but the international community. “What happened in Paris has nothing to do with legitimate anger. The culprits want KO. "Then the president simply refuses to answer journalists' questions on the subject.

How can communications professionals allow the head of state to make a mistake too? It's a suicide in terms of image.

On his return, one of his close friends told him that he had harmed Arc de Triomphe. Macron finally realizes that his people are on the verge of revolution.

On December 4 he departs for the Puy-en-Velay Commune (Overgen-Rh -ne-Alpes). She wants to visit the municipality, which has been the scene of the violence. On December 1, the building attachment burned with yellow ribbons.

It takes 16 hours by plane. He spends two hours with staff who are still injured. Outside it leaks. Jer is warned by district activists. He sends a few SMSs and quickly mobilizes supporters.

As Macron departs, he drops his car window to greet the crowd calling for his resignation. The president for the first time realizes that the people do not like him. Worse, some people hate him. His physical safety is at stake.

The president's security decides not to shout shrimp. No, Macron doesn't run. He leaves. His actions also shape the image of the head of state.

At some point, the presidential motorcade is accelerating, even turning in the wrong direction. Roger comes at that time. Yellow jacket, unemployed, he puts a stamp on all the cars of the march. Roger to connect mass media with microphone "I hated it."

The President's services, without making light threats, cancel his moves.

Action 4 will be played on December 8, 2018. Macron is barricaded in Elysee, and Facebook groups are urging him to go to his palace.

Presidential teams dedicated to digital are on the road to war. They are amazed at Russia's foreign influence, and Steve Bannon's name is also rumored. Each message is sifted and analyzed. And yet we must confront the evidence, the evil that is falsifying France, of France.

Armored gendarmes are based in Paris. Macron is subjected to stress and exhaustion. He won't go out.

On December 10, after meeting with some old politicians, such as Richard Ferdand, Jean-Paul Delavo, Philip Oranón or Francois Bayrou, Macron realizes that he must release the ballast.

He announces to the French that evening: "The salary of a smoker will increase to 100 euros a month from 2019, without the cost of one more employer for his employer."

In fact, this ad does not change much and the desired wing effect does not work.

The next morning, Labor Minister Muriel Penitsad is invited to a big interview with Leah Salameh and Nicolas Demorand. This is drama. Not prepared, the minister is lost. His intervention is missing.

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Emmanuel has no choice but to go to meet the French. He organizes his Great Debate. His idea is to travel the country to meet mayors. He uses the same communication mechanisms that have helped him succeed in the presidential election.

Dear Frenchman
The January 13, 2019 letter is handwritten, with Emmanuel Macron expressing a desire to speak with the French. After all, an original press release.

After sending a letter to the French, he began his tour of Normandy, France, with 600 mayors. Macron methodically mentions various observations. He listens. Then he speaks. She obviously relaxes her jacket, which is a beautiful communicative act. The media are pretty obvious, and that's the effect that Macron has.

Did he succeed? A year later, Macron has not yet found the key to placating France. "It's the French system," he explains in an interview time September 2019. "In our country we love power, but we want to kill the leaders. My challenge is to listen to more people first, to have a method that is not only about reforming the country, but reforming it with the country. "

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