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Alan Parsons was born into a family with an impressive history of entertainment. His grandfather was a prominent actor / manager Tree of Sir Herbert Berbheim. Her mother was an actress, a professional folk singer and a lyricist and her father was: Denys Parsons:, a pianist and flavist, as well as author of numerous books. Late Oliver Reed, the filmmaker was a cousin. His uncle David tree He was also a film and stage actor.

Alan had fun performing live with his teenage years as a folk / blues acoustic player and as a lead blues orchestra Planet In the late 1960s, in his hometown of London. (Their only album, Elementary: appeared recently and was released in 2016 by Record Collector Magazine. But as soon as he got a job with a celebrity Abbey Road Studios: At the age of 19, it became clear that the world of audio recording should dominate his career.

Monastery Road. He was fortunate enough to work as an engineer for the last two albums The Beatles and after he qualified as a full-fledged recording engineer, he went to work Paul McCartney and: Hollies: among many. But that was his contribution as an engineer Pink Floyd: classic The Dark Side of the Moon it really caught the world's attention. This soon led to impressive success as a producer, in particular: Pilot
Magic, O Mills!& # 39; High-rise and: Music and: Steve Harley (Come and see me) Smile at me. He also produced extremely successful ones Year of Cats Album: Al Stewart and two albums with American rock band Prog Ambrosia.

In 1975 he met Eric Wolfson who not only became his manager, but also joined forces with Alan as a songwriter and performing partner for what became known as the "Alan Parsons Project." APP debut album, Tales of mysteries and imagination Edgar Allan Poe's works created a way for signature Clive DavisArista's newly released label and hit album series, in particular I'm a robot (1977), Pyramid (1978), Friendship card queue (1980), The eye in the sky (1982), Ammonia Avenue (1984), Vulture culture (1985), Stereotomy: (1986) and: Goody (1987):

Eric Wolfson and Alan Parsons. As a result, a short venture into the music theater took place Freidiana: 1990. The show has been on display for over a year at the Viennese Historical Theater in Vienna. Eric and Alan then went their separate ways. Eric dedicated his career to music theater, while Parsons felt the need to bring his music to live concerts and continue to record ambitious symphonic rock music.

With his long-time compulsory CTPs, with a guitar player Ian Byrson, drummer Stuart Eliot and orchestra arranger Andrew PowellAlan removed the identity of the Project Alan Parsons. “Try everything once – 1994. The partnership continued In the air In 1996 and Time Machine In 1999. During this time, the first incarnation of Alan Parsons Live Project began to sell to audiences around the world. After moving to California with Alan's American girlfriend in 1999, Lisa, and the divorce from Smokey, his first wife, a brand new Living Project band formed in 2003. In the same year Lisa and Alan were married. Another group transformation took place in 2010. The current live band consists of Alan: acoustic guitar, keyboard and vocals, P.J. Olsson: on vocals, Tom Brooks on keyboards, Guy Erez on bass, Eff ef Coleman on guitar and vocals, Danny Thompson on drums, Todd Cooper sax, percussion and vocals, Dan Tracey on guitar and vocals and Tyson Montgomery Leonard on the violin.

Album: Valid path, Alan's Fall in Electronics was released in 2004 and introduced Pink Floyd:
David Gilmour, The crystal method, SpongeBob:, Uberzone:, P.J. Olsson: and Alan's son, Ere Jeremy:. 2008 saw the release of all the albums of the Allan Parsons Project in an expanded format that contains never-before-heard bonus material and a 2-CD compilation called Essential Collection:. One of the most familiar ways to program Sirius, probably best known as Chicago Bulls topic: It was also used as The Walk's music for The New Orleans Saints: with their victory Super Cup Game in 2010 and 2012 European Cup football matches. Sirius has also been featured in numerous other sports events, commercials and movies Cloudy with meatballs and: Berfest.

In 2010, Alan needed to share his extensive knowledge and experience with the rest of the music industry. With the help of brothers Jul Ullian Kolbeck, Alan has written and produced a comprehensive instructional video on recording called Art & Science Of Sound Record (ASSR). It features thousands of investments by renowned artists, engineers, and producers, which tells of Billy Bob Thornton. There is also a guidebook. See: All of our past daysThe song, written specifically for the series, features some of LA's best musicians and Alan's rare performance in lead vocals. Alan supports the ASSR around the world through a series of lectures and master classes (MCTS) courses. It was a great opportunity for the audience to witness Alan's possible future work in the studio and actively participate in the studio.

Since early 2012, as well as doing live shows, Alan has been in the studio doing vocals with the German Electronica outfit, Lichmond, and back YES stars Billy Sherwood and: Chris Sky how The Prog Team:. Other collaborations have been with the Mexican superstar Alex Syntek, and celebrated the Israeli singer / songwriter Aviv Geffen. Alan produced an album called Grand Ukulele: with Ake is ShimabukoroThe virtuoso ukulele actor whose YouTube video "Until My Guitar Gently Crys" has received more than 10 million hits. The album contains a number of orchestral arrangements Winger at the front, Kip Winger:. Collaboration: Steven Wilson As an engineer and associate producer, he had great success, including in the Top 5 album in Germany The Raven, who refused to sing In 2013.

The Alan Parsons CD of All Projects was released in March 2014 and includes never-before-released controversial CDs from 1979. Protection of Sicily.

Alan received a number of awards, including 11 Grammy nominations, the 1995 Les Paul Awards and the Diva Hall of Fame Awards in Munich, Germany, in June 2012. He is in demand as a public speaker and was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Audio Engineering Convention in Los Angeles and was the keynote speaker at the TEDx Conejo conference in California in April 2012.

In the summer of 2016, Alan released a video on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as audio and stereo, and 5.1 surrounded by Madeleine Columbia's big concert event featuring a 70-piece symphony orchestra.

Both of them Tales of mystery and imagination and: The eye in the sky vinyl was reissued at 45 rpm (12 ”record size). Both albums have been released in the Anniversary Boxes, including vinyl, original and bonus CDs, and include Blu-ray 5.1 surround mixes.

Alan was leading the way in technology, combining technology with art for his craft as a recording engineer and producer-performer. Drawing on the expert years of his book (and DVD collection), "The Art and Science of Recording, he has created a work unlike anything else on the market.

2018 brings a special opportunity to the public on March 24 and 25. Alan leads an intensive-class weekend seminar with Grammy Award-winning organizer (and one of Alan's band members) Tom Brooks at the Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, California, which includes a full symphony orchestra. Intensive sessions will include sessions by Winnie Collauta, Nathan Arev, and Eff Coleman. The band, the orchestra classical, is given the treatment of Prog Rock and will actually appear on Alan's next album. Alan is not only recording this album, but also playing his brand-new Neve 5088 analog console at his newest modern recording studio.

Believing in returning to his community, Alan donated all the proceeds from his Chumash Casino concert to help first responders and local flood victims and first responders. But his generosity does not stop there. Alan helped lead the One 805 KICK ASH BASH benefit event, which further supports first responders and victims of Montechito fires and floods. Raising more than $ 2 million, celebrities included Dennis Miller (essay), Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Ein Seymour, Michael Keaton, David Foster, Don nsson, Alan Parsons, Katie Percy, Katie Percy, Katie Percy, Katie Perry, Katie Perry, Katie Perry Performances. McPhee, Richard Marx, The Sisterhood Band, Glen Phillips, Steve Vai, Dishwalla and many more.

Carrying out family genes with a starring cast (the cousin mentioned by actor Oliver Reid), Alan will be immortalized as a cartoon version of himself in the long-running, mega-hit animated television series "Family" on the Rocky Yacht. The air date will be 2019 sometimes.

Alan's longtime hobby was practicing magic, and he regularly attended the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he was a member of the magician.

Since her first marriage, Alan has two sons, ere Jeremy and Daniel, both living in the UK. Alan now lives on an organic avocado farm in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife Lisa and his two daughters, Tabitha and Britney, dogs, cats, hens, and 18-year-old Clivedale, Danite.


Billboard Top 40 hit singles (USA)

37 37 – "(The System) Dr. Tar and Professor Jeter" (1976)

No. 36 – "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You" (1977)

27 27 – "Cursed if I do" (1979)

No. 16 – "Games People Play" (1980)

Number 15 – "Time" (1981)

Number 3 – The Eye in the Sky (1982)

1515 – Don't Answer Me (1984)

34 – The Prime Minister (1984)

Canadian singles

No. 62 – "(The System) Dr. Tar and Professor Jeter" (1976)

No. 22 – "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You" (1977)

No. 16 – "Cursed if I Do" (1980)

9 9 – "The Games People Play" (1981)

30 30 – Time (1981)

11 – The Eye in the Sky (1982)

43 43 – "You Don't Believe" (1983)

No. 20 – "Don't Answer Me" (1984)

89 89 – Let's Talk About Me (1985)

Awards and nominations


· 1973 – Pink Floyd:The Dark Side of the MoonGrammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1975 – AmbrosiaAmbrosia – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1976 – AmbrosiaI've never traveled anywhere – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1976 – Alan Parsons projectTales of mystery and imagination – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1978 – Alan Parsons project Pyramid – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

1979 – Ice castles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media

1979 – Alan Parsons Project – Eve – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

1981 – Alan Parsons Project – Friendship card queue – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1982 – Alan Parsons project The eye in the sky – Grammy Award for Best Engineering Album, Not Classical

· 1986 – Alan Parsons project "Where's the valus?"Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance

· 2007 – Alan Parsons – Valid pathGrammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album

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