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aBandt Dam is the right leader to heal the internal divisions and policies of the Coalition and Labor. Whether this will turn into more popular support for greens remains to be seen.

Bandt comes from Perth, he says Melbourne and leaves the credentials to appeal to radical anti-capitalists Sydney: and Brisbane. It will be interesting to see how it sits in the spiritual heart of the Greens, Tasmania.

Bandt is very different Green: Leader Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Tasmanian environmentalists have pushed the fundamental philosophy that the greens were "neither left nor right but ahead". a slogan taken by the late Greene in the 1980s. The whole point of forming a Greens political party was for them that neither the liberals nor the workforce would be able to respond to the environmental crisis, which became clearer at least since the publication of the Increase in Limits. In 1972.

Brown, who almost joined Liberal The party maintained this posture as a Green Leader throughout his career, having symbolic meetings with Tasmanian Prime Minister Robin Gray in 1989 before deciding to return Labor Prime Minister Michael Fields to the Minority Government and meeting Tony Abbott in 2010. making it back to Julia Gillard. But it wasn't for the show. The Greens backed the liberal government of Kate Carnell's minority in the ACT in the 1990s, and Guy Rundle in Tasmania, then head of state Christina Milne.

Although he was not an environmental activist, he had once joined the fray Work: The party, Richard Di Natale, inherited the philosophy of Brown and Milne. Di Natale called the Greens a "real opposition" after the Labor defeat in 2019, when leader Anthony Albanese returned the party in the middle. Di Natal was a pragmatic, non-ideological leader who announced at the beginning of his leadership in 2015 that the Greens were "the natural home of advanced Australian constituents", including petty liberals. After Milne was criticized for being too impartial in refusing a deal with the abbot government, DiNatal, as the Greens leader, took a practical approach by conducting results-based deals with the Coalition, particularly under Malcolm Turnbull, including about: .

The center under Di Natal, more perceptible than the real, outraged the Green Left, inspired by the rise of socialist politicians like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the United States, as a counter-productive policy that is small abroad. The radicals of NSW, Victoria and Queensland felt that their party had become hostages to the "tree of the trees" or the "neo-liberals of bicycles". In Brisbane, Jonathan Shrey, a radical Green Counselor, said his camp is very cautious of career politicians. "Men's suits that speak to men."

The gang background is not environmental activism, but left-wing politics. He left the ALP to join the Socialist Left Alliance as a student at Murdoch University, worked for many years as an industrial lawyer with Slater and Gordon, and later completed his doctorate with Marx and Law. He will satisfy the hunger of the Greens for left populism to respond to right populism. If that means sometimes rhetorical rhetoric, so be it. At his first press conference Tuesday, Bandt clarified that he would not conclude deals with the Coalition. He will focus on work and cross-cutting to achieve results, and he has set a solid record in his lower house by launching the deal that Medevac legislation acquired in the last parliament.

As a result of four consecutive elections in Melbourne, bolstering his vote and launching successful campaigns in neighboring federal and state districts, Bandt is well placed to restore the party's electoral fortunes in the heart of the party. He knows what it takes for the majority of the low voter to win the lower election, which the greens must do to grow, which is one of the major differences between them and the Democrats.

At least the greens have done well over the past decade when Labor is delivering climate-friendly food, certainly in 2010, and is highly contested in 2019. There are signs that Labor is back in the reign of leader Albany, as well as resource spokesman El Ouel Quizibbon. kissing up to the climate denialists of the current Parliamentary Parliament on Climate Change and Spray coal mining and powerful CFMMEU president Tony Maher, who sees Adani's "Carmichael" project to open the Galilee Basin as another coal mine, telling Craig's union last week "would never go out and oppose the creation of a mine." We hear a lot about climate action opponents on the right, not so much the left.

As a spokeswoman for the Green Climate In recent years, Bandt has toured coal communities in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. He will be talking about building coal bridges, not shouting at them. His proposed Green New Deal – a term borrowed from Democrats for Justice in the United States – is a radical policy with massive state investment in rehabilitation, job placement, and universal social services. It's unapologetically socialist, like NSW Green MP David Schoenberg tweets yesterday to One Nation's Malcomm Roberts. but it is also a response to the climate emergency that is now facing us.

Paddy Manning: Inside the Greens. The real history, politics and people of the party

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