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Day of week |: XO Records / Republic Records / Island Records:

Abel McCone Tesfaye's "Dark Wave R&B" has gone from nasty delicate ribbons to premier singles via Mercedes-Benz advertising. To make his singles line charts, but in the Top 10 it seems impossible. Less lyrically, after his fourth album, "The Hoff" single tops the Billboard Hot 100.

Teaching Las Vegas an overwhelming amount of lamentations, the song may present for the first time the psychological leak of doodle-leasing.

It's another combination of sick delights and lyrical self-restraint, which features some of his best songs and further boosts the highly anticipated album.

Tracking Blinding Lights has hit No. 1 in many markets, and The film is directed by Anton Tammy plot the events going on on those two singles. Welcome to The Weeknd of Hollywood.

What other visual attitudes might come after hours remains to be seen, but there are five things to know about the album:

1: again. When heavily healed, sweat-struck sound strikes the opening track, it is not difficult to hear tears with an atmospheric and responsive arrangement. Eliminate my camouflage / I live someone else's life / by pressing who I was inside he sings as the grim mood continues to build. It is assumed that from the announcement of having such a feeling at home in Vegas, the excess hole is in the focus of the album's regular focus on terrifyingly over-the-top horror, it's not what you would feel good about. Is this a sign that he regrets a little for failing at high-profile relationships?

2: The hardest thing to love. Many reviews point to how The Weeknd has always balanced both its X-ratings and open material with more PG-fares that can reach a larger audience. Instead of sounding as if it were compelling to him, he has shown a tendency for children with addiction to be able to orient themselves to much older adults. The most beloved one is surely one of the easiest songs to write for him. The chorus perched directly below it with its very melodic uplift, this is certainly a fan favorite of the concert (when any).

3: Snowball. This is autobiographical or calculated whimsical. Regardless, strings such as: I was praying at the age of fifteen / If I didn't do it / Then I would probably make my wrists bleed. will resonate with the base of a large-scale air conditioner. Laser gun sonics when he starts talking about his spaceship are fun, while the announcement of a new deal with Mercedes is just lazy. Sometimes The Weeknd can't quite figure out where or who she is. It has always been a strong place for the pop star.

4: blind lights. Jumping on a new channel is just too perfect. What about the urgent request to contact the right partner? I can't sleep until I feel your touch he sings, sounds as if it means a drum that could be on anything, from The Fixx or Richard Marx to a stinging song. With its flamboyant synths, bass and percussion, it's a killer tune. Rather violent violent videos, though.

5: Until I left. The collection ends with a cry for someone (someone) to scare, not wanting to touch the sky anymore, even gasping to rise again. Next week is the unmistakable sound gospel record of the week. I doubt.

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This week too.

J Balvin

Colors: Black | |: Universal music

El Rei del Spotify, J Balvin has more songs in the top 200 streaming service than any other artist at the moment. To say that the Colombian singer is sensitive at the moment is a rude perception. From her distinctive fashion to the style of her varied song, she can move from Amarillo's roaring rap to a tempting love choice of Rogo or a slightly disgusting Negro clasp. Production is all over the place, keeping the dominant regiment, but mixing enough to keep it attractive. Given that all songs are called color, or a combination of them, is this the first conceptual album of the genre? Of course, some allegations of being Latino and embracing all colors are unnoticed in Arcoíris (Mr. Eazi).

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To be differentiated |: Constellation

Not many recordings can overcome and transmit the song I Got Got That Trans-dimensional Feeling again. It's not the case with Joyfultalk (Composer Jay E Crocker), a three-part series based on a large-scale visual assessment modeled on the musician's Planetary music system, a mix of home-grown electronics that is fueled by the violinist essay's essay. Zubot, and studio rehearsals. Part 2: Pixelated Skin (Perfect Name), Before Closure. The music is experimental, exciting and seems to fit the mood, from coronary quarantine to claustrophobia to bloating. happy sleep. One of the most interesting electronic tests to date.

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The Mauskovice Dance Band

Shadance Hall EP: |: Dekmantel Records:

This Amsterdam quintet is another crew that has discovered the joy of heavy snow-cube and salsa sounds in the North American Seventies. Throw in a healthy dose of Oss American double – which the Dutch city has long known as a fireplace – some modern punk / fun, and the four songs and the accompanying Dublin mix create a truly great dance party. Per String is especially moving on Theorgi America, which looks like a New York's No Wave era mutant disco, and the Crunch Dub mix for Squeeze Dogs is nicely constructed. The band's planned tour, of course, has been delayed. Look at them when the gloom rises, as this would probably be a great living.

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Creating Titans |: Nuclear explosion records

As one of the original orchestras that defined the Bay Area's rooftop scene, the Testament may never reach the levels of contemporaries Metallica or Megadeth, but the band, faced by barking singer Luke Bill, remains one of the most prolific rock bands. solid albums. The latest release proves nothing, as successful No. 13 marks the first time the band has recorded more than one album in a few decades in a row. It helps to band together to spin the rings as they do on WW III's ridiculously tight. The big drumbeat of Big Gene Hoglan is a big part of why all 12 tracks sound so fierce. But Eric Peterson's and Alex Scholnik's twins' guitars trade on obscene and melted rocks, such as the Witch of Witch songs that seek metalists to build in the future. Play super loud.

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